Import LeagueApps Rosters Into SportsRecruits

You can now import your organization's rosters from your LeagueApps account to your SportsRecruits Account.  

If you do not currently use SportsRecruits, SportsRecruits is now offering a 3-month trial specifically for LeagueApps partners. Please click the link here to learn more.


How to import rosters from LeagueApps:


Log in to your organization's LeagueApps account as an administrator.

  1. Make sure the teams you want to sync to SportsRecruits are Public in LeagueApps. To find out if a team is Public, select the program. Next click Settings and then choose Edit Details in the dropdown menu. Choose Public for the visibility dropdown.

  2. Navigate to the LeagueApps API page by clicking Connect > API Access in the sidebar at the right of the screen.

  3. Copy the URL.

  4. Click on the Generate Service Account button. In the pop up, click Generate. This will prompt a file download of your account key. DO NOT rename the file. Once the download is complete, click the Cancel button to close the pop up.


Here's how to change your LeagueApps programs to Public visibility:

(Note that the blue right sidebar has since been moved to the top of your screen. The "Manage" icon is the second icon from your left on the top of your Management Console)



In SportsRecruits:


  1. Log in to your organization's SportsRecruits account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Import page in your account by clicking Profile > Import.

  3. Paste the URL that you copied from LeagueApps (step 2 in the LeagueApps steps above) and click Next.

  4. Upload the file you downloaded from LeagueApps and click Complete Connection.

  1. After the connection is completed, you'll match the teams you have in LeagueApps to teams on SportsRecruits. If you want to sync a team that is already on SportsRecruits, select that team from the drop down. If you want to sync a team that is not already on SportsRecruits, select New Team.

  2. Any athletes that we're not 100% sure it's the same person will be shown under the Moderate Merges tab. If it's the same in both LeagueApps and SportsRecruits, you can choose to merge the athlete. This means that those athletes will be synced from LeagueApps to SportsRecruits. If it's not the same athlete, you can choose to create a new athlete. Then once you're finished going through the list of athletes that were surfaced up for moderation, click Confirm Merges.

    1. Once an athlete is moderated one time, that athlete in SportsRecruits is synced to the athlete in LeagueApps and will not need to be moderated again in future syncs.

  3. If an athlete is on your SportsRecruits roster and not on a team that you've chosen to import with LeagueApps, you can choose to either keep the athlete on your SportsRecruits roster or delete the athlete. Once you've finished going through the list of these athletes, click Confirm Deletions.

  4. Review your selections and finalize the import by clicking Finalize Import. A pop up will appear to let you know that this action cannot be undone. Click Yes, Finish Import to finish the import and close the pop up.

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