What is Zapier?
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How to get my Site ID or API Key

What is Zapier?

LeagueApps built an App on Zapier, a web automation service. Zapier will help save you time on the computer, so you can focus on your sport.

The best part about Zapier is that you do NOT need a software developer to build these easy and lightweight integrations. Zapier makes it simple to connect one online tool to another. 

How it works

A "Zap" is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over, such as exporting LeagueApps Members and importing them into an Email Service. In words, a Zap looks like this: "When I get a new thing in System A, do this other in System B." 

Zapier supports over 2,000 (and counting!) of the most popular online apps and tools, so you can mix and match all of the systems you use and eliminate endless hours of manual work. 

Popular Zaps for LeagueApps Partners

LeagueApps users are saving hours of work with Zapier! Some of the most popular Zaps are Subscribing New Members to a MailChimp List or Constant Contact List, and Adding New Programs or Teams to Google Sheets. 

Get Started

In order to automate a process between LeagueApps and a 3rd party app such as MailChimp or Wufoo (just to name a few), you first need an account in the 3rd party app. We also suggest that you take the time to learn how to use the app and how to best set it up for your organization's needs. 

Once you have an account on the 3rd party app and have outlined the process you want to automate, follow these 5 steps to create a Zap!

1. Create a free Zapier Account - sign up here

2. Click 'Make a Zap!'

3. Choose LeagueApps 
(3a) This is where you choose a Trigger which is the event that starts a Zap, (ex: If you want to automate adding a New Member from LeagueApps to MailChimp each time a Member joins your LeagueApps site, choose the "New Member" trigger.)

Here are the Triggers that are currently offered:

(3b) You need a LeagueApps Site ID # and API Key to connect your LeagueApps Site. 

4. Choose the App you want to automate

(4a) This is where you choose an Action which is an event a Zap performs, (ex: if you want to automate adding a New Member from LeagueApps to MailChimp each time a Member joins your LeagueApps site, choose "Add/Update Subscriber" as the Action.) Each online tool has different Actions available; below is a MailChimp example.

(4b) You need credentials to connect your account. This may be a Username/Password or the app may require an API Key. 

Example of a New Member LeagueApps to MailChimp Zap

5. Turn the Zap ON!



Blank Fields = Catch-All

If you leave a field blank when setting up a Zap, it will act as a "catch-all" meaning that if you choose the New Registration trigger and you DO NOT fill in the Program Name field, then the New Registration trigger will fire for ALL programs on the site. 



Filters are powerful if you want to narrow down the scenarios when a Zap should fire. For example, if I want Zapier to send an email to my staff every time a specific Role registers, I can add a Filter in between the Zap's Trigger and Action Steps. Learn more about filters. 

Add a filter in between the Trigger and Action steps in a Zap, by clicking the + sign. 


Then configure the filter to "Only continue if..." Use the logic to configure the filter as you wish. The below example will now only send an email when the site gets a New Registration for a Role = FREEAGENT.



Test Data

When building a Zap, there will be a "Test" step after setting up the trigger. In order for the test step to work, the LeagueApps site must have a recent activity that you are triggering on (Registration, New Member, etc.) In other words, if you are setting up a Zap with a New Registration trigger, then you should run a test registration through the site so that the Zap can pull in a recent registration.

This is very important if you are going to include Form Field information in your Zap. Custom Form Fields from LeagueApps may not show in Zapier, unless you have a recent Registration or Member that can be pulled in to Zapier as a test. 

Program Multi-Select 

It is possible to set up a Zap to fire for multiple programs. When setting up the New Registration trigger, click the + sign for the Program Name field, and you will be able to multi-select programs. 





1. How do I get my LeagueApps Site ID?
   1a. Login to your LeagueApps Admin Console
   1b. The URL will look like this:
   1c. Copy the numbers after 'sites/####'

2. How do I get my LeagueApps Site API Key?
   2a. Login to your LeagueApps Admin Console
   2b. Click the 'Connect' icon at the top of your page
   2c. Select API Settings
   2d. Generate a Public API Key and copy it to your clipboard

3. Can I add data from another App to my LeagueApps Account?
No, Zaps with LeagueApps are one-directional, so data can only be sent out of LeagueApps to another app. 

4. What does Zapier cost? 
There is a Free Forever plan with Zapier. There are also subscription based plans that unlock advanced features. Check out Zapier Plans & Pricing here. 

5. I have a question about Zapier, who do I ask?
If the question is about LeagueApps, email us at
If the question is about the 3rd party app you are trying to connect to, we recommend reaching out to that app's support team or Zapier's team, as they will have more knowledge around the question!

Interested in more integrations? Learn more about LeagueApps Connect. We have an open API that allows for unlimited customizations and an App Center filled with built-in add-ons for your LeagueApps account.  

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