LeagueApps Tips and Tricks

Here are several important Tips & Tricks that will save you time as a LeagueApps admin, or allow you to more easily help your members. 

  1. Programs
  2. Members
  3. Editing Email Headers and Footers



  • ​Customize Program Summary
    • Click on “View Program Summary” from the main dashboard
    • Select “Customize View” and make any changes you want based on the options available


  • ​Find Financials for Completed Programs
    • Go to “Reporting” in main navigation
    • Click on Transactions”
    • Click on “Transaction Summary
    • Select “Show Filters”
    • Define Date Range
    • Check “Completed”
    • Run Current Report
    • Learn more about Transaction Reporting here.



  • ​Login as a Member
    • Search any Member
    • On Member Details Page, click “Login as Member” button
    • Learn more about how to Login As a Member


  • ​Combine Family Accounts
    • Select the Family Account you want to keep and which one you want to delete
    • Go to the Family Account you want to delete
    • Remove the members from the Family Account you are deleting by clicking the “x” to remove the members
    • Return to the Family Account you want to keep, search the member you just deleted and add them


  • ​Merge Members to Create a Single Account
    • Click on “View Full Profile”
    • Make sure the names match exactly
    • Click “Merge”
    • Learn more about how to Merge Members.



  • Use Page Editor to grab HTML Code by:
    • Going to “Content” / “Pages”
    • Select “Add a New Page”
    • Click icon to insert image
    • Upload image you want and select the position (e.g., centered)
    • Click on “<>” icon to copy the HTML code
    • Go to “Settings” in main navigation
    • Click on “Email Settings”
    • Paste the HTML code in the “Email Header Content” box
    • Learn more about how to customize your email settings.


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