How To Pull a Report of Your Coaches

The Coach's Report can be a valuable tool for tournaments or any grouped program. This report gives a detailed breakdown of all the coaches who registered, all the information they have filled out for themselves and for their teams. This report can be valuable any type of program (particularly tournaments), as well as grouped programs Click here for more information on Grouped Programs. Follow the steps to generate a Coach's Report for a program or grouped program. 

Step 1

Go to Manage > All Programs and select a program. Or you can select the program from the top programs area on your home dashboard.

Step 2

When inside the program hover over the People tab and select the Staff option.


Step 3

Here you will be able to view the program staff for the entire program.

Note: When working with Grouped Programs, you can choose generate a report for the master program, this report will provide the Sub-program and team to which they are assigned, along with their payment statuses. To pull a report select Export to CSV



Step 4
You can check off and on which information you'd like to include in your export.  Be sure to use the Check All and Uncheck All boxes to help save time when picking which information to include. 

export_info.jpg ‚Äč

Step 5

Click export and upload your file to either Excel or Google Sheets

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