Text Messaging Activation and Deactivation


You can enable the setting to collect cell phone numbers during program registration.  This setting is available on the Settings > Member profile.  Additionally, you can choose to require this field to be entered by the registration (on same settings page) or can choose to leave it as optional.

  • This setting is available even if the site does NOT have the Text app enabled.  This allows you to collect cell phone numbers ahead of even activating the text app.

  • When a member provides their cell number during the registration process, if the text app IS enabled, the member is immediately sent a text message that allows them to easily opt-in to receive text messages (without having to visit the site).

Once you have enabled the Text Messaging App (click here to learn how to do so if you have not done so already), your public site(s) will have a dedicated URL for players to opt-in to receive text messages. The URL for this page with be YourURL.com/sms.  So if your domain is PlayLeagueApps.com your dedicated opt-in URL is PlayLeagueApps.com/sms. This page has been mobile optimized as well to allow your users to easily opt-in while on the go. You can post this link on your website, send it out via an email, or ask participants to visit it when seeing them in person at a meeting or on the field.

Upon visiting this site, your players will be asked to enter their phone number and will be sent a verification code.

Note: All messages from your site will come from the same phone number. When you set up your app you will be able to enter your area code and select from a list of local numbers to use for your site.  You can encourage your players to save that number in their phone’s contact list so they know that a message is coming from your league.

Once your player receives the verification code they will have to enter that verification code on the screen they are viewing in their browser in order to complete the opt-in process.  This is an industry standard for security and privacy – and helps make sure the player is guaranteed to receive the notification on the proper device.


A member can easily opt-out of receiving text message notifications by simply sending the text STOP to the number, or by visiting the same dedicated URL used for opting in.

Notification Services
An automatic banner displaying a call to action will appear on the bottom of your LeagueApps public website when text messaging is enabled.

We have also included an additional call to action on the registration confirmation page.  After a player signs up for a new program they will be encouraged to opt in to text message notifications from your league.

NOTE - You can hide the call-outs to sign up for text messages on the public site (if the app is enabled) by adding this piece of CSS code. This code can be added at the bottom of the CSS section here: "Design > Launch Theme Editor > CSS > Custom CSS"

#apps-enabled{display: none;}

Finally, if you host your site outside of LeagueApps, you can include a call out to sign up for text messaging using one of our widgets.  The widgets are available on the configuration page of your Text Message App.

Note: Members are unsubscribed to Text Message services as a default condition for legal purposes.

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