How to pay multiple outstanding invoices

This article will walk through how members can pay multiple invoices all at once.  This is helpful if you allow your participants to register without paying in full. For example, a coach can register multiple teams without paying the entire team fee for all teams. After registration, the coach is able to pay all outstanding team invoices in bulk (instead of one at a time!).  

The participant can follow these steps below to pay all outstanding invoices. 


Step 1

You will now see the "Pay Multiple Invoices" tab on your dashboard.  Click the tab to take you to a layout of all invoices.


Step 2

On this page you are able to check off the boxes of the invoices you'd like to pay.  At the bottom of the page you will find a "Pay Selected Invoices" button.

You can confirm that the invoices you selected are correct from the pop up window.


Step 3

Here you will see all the invoices have been added up to one total and you can plug in your information and easily pay multiple invoices at once. You are able to pay the entire amount or click "Change amount to pay" and pay a portion of the total. 


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