How To: Add Sponsor Logos to Your Site's Footer

A great way to spruce up your LeagueApps site and have your sponsors logo's displayed on each page is to add your sponsor(s) logos to the footer of your site. Here's how:


Step 1:

Re-size your sponsor image(s)



Step 2:

Upload image(s) to your LeagueApps Site

The LeagueApps image uploader can be found by editing any of your content pages (Content > Pages > Edit [pencil icon] > Image button in page content box [tree icon] > click Upload Image link in pop up window > click Choose File in next window > click Upload once you find the file on your computer - see below):


Step 3:

Copy HTML code of uploaded image(s)

In this step we're going to add your uploaded image to a content page and then copy the HTML code of the image so we can use the image in the theme editor to add to the footer.

NOTE: To avoid confusion and potentially breaking your homepage template, please complete this step by editing a page with little or no content on it - the default page 'upcoming leagues listing' is a good example.

Once you've uploaded your sponsor image(s) to LeagueApps, they'll be accessible in the image gallery. To access the image gallery is the same process as accessing the image uploader (content > pages > edit [pencil icon] > image button in page content box [tree icon] > your images will be displayed from oldest uploaded at the top to newest uploaded at the bottom. Click on the image to place the image into the page.

NOTE: The image uploader / gallery pop up window is a small window by default. If you're having trouble seeing your uploaded images maximize the window.

Once the image is in the page content box on the page you're editing, click the HTML icon in the top right:


From the HTML editor pop up window, find the HTML code for the image and copy it. The HTML code will look something like this: 

NOTE: Make sure you copy everything between the < and >



Once you copy the HTML code you can exit the HTML Source Editor Window and leave the 'edit page' without saving the page.

Step 4:

Paste the image HTML code into your site's Theme Editor

Head over to the HTML section of your site's Theme Editor once you've copied the image HTML (design > launch theme editor > HTML) and paste the HTML code into the 'custom footer content' section. You'll need to add another piece of HTML code on the outside of this image code to make the image a clickable link:

For each image in the footer, the HTML code will look like this:


Examples of LeagueApps Partners using sponsor images in the footer:

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