Payment Gateway Setup - PayPal

LeagueApps supports PayPal's Payments Pro business account. We'll show you how to connect your PayPal Payments Pro account to your LeagueApps site here.

Step 1: Setup and Verify PayPal Payments Pro

If you have a PayPal personal account, you will need to upgrade to a business Payments Pro account. This can be done in a few easy steps. Watch this video on how to upgrade a PayPal account.  PayPal will work with you to secure the best processing rates possible based on your volume. 

Step 2: Retrieve Your PayPal API Credentials and connect to LeagueApps

Follow these steps to accomplish this: 

  1. Log in at  Or go to this link and log in to find your API usernameAPI password, and API signature to plug into LeagueApps and skip to step 2.4 Request API Credentials:

  2. Click on My Selling Tools link under the Profile tab. Or go right to this link to find your API username, API password, and API signature to plug into LeagueApps and skip to step 4:


  3. Under the My Profile section, click on My Selling Tools and then click Update next to API Access.

  4. Next, follow the instructions to access or generate your API Signature.  Usually, this means that under Option 2, you’ll select Request API Credentials (or View API Signature if already generated).

You are done here once you are shown a page with your API Username, API Password, and API Signature.

Step 3: Enter Your PayPal API Credentials Into LeagueApps

Once you retrieve your API credentials (API Username, API Password, Signature) from your PayPal account, you're ready to enter them into LeagueApps:

  1. Log in to your Manager Console.
  2. Click on the Manage Account tab in the upper right.
  3. Under Merchant Services, click the 'Gateway Setup' button.


  4. Once on the Merchant Payment Gateway Setup page, make sure you select the correct payment gateway from the drop-down list.  Then, enter your credentials and click save.



Your account is ready to accept online transactions!

Below are common PayPal errors you may encounter. Here are the best ways to avoid or resolve them: 

  • 'One or more the 3 credentials' = the API credentials were not copied correctly. More often than not, an extra character or space is included, causing the credentials to not connect.

    • To resolve: copy/paste your PayPal API credentials once more. Be wary of any extra characters or spaces when you paste the credentials into your LeagueApps account.

  • 'Invalid Configuration' = Account has not been approved for PayPal Pro account yet.

    • To resolve: Please reach out again to the PayPal team (1-855-787-1004) or to the PayPal rep assigned to you.


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