How to message teams as a coach

Please note: As of August 18, 2022, Team Messaging has been moved to our mobile apps, including LeagueApps Play, our free app for team management and communication.

Included in these updates are Coach Notes: high priority messages sent by Coaches to their team through the mobile app, which will send an email and a push notification, as well as display in the parents and players' Communications tab of the updated mobile app. Parents can reply to a Coach Note within the mobile app, which will open a DM with the staff sender.

You also have the ability to chat message with teams and individuals in this Communications tab. These updates will give coaches, parents, and players a much more seamless user experience.

Click here to view a guide on how to use LeagueApps Play as a coach or staff member.



Quickly and Easily send Messages to your entire Team.  The Team Messaging Tool is great for communicating with your players.
Many sport organizations assign coaches to teams so coaches can easily communicate with their players. To learn how to assign coaches to a team, click here. Below are the steps for how coaches can message teams once they’ve registered as a coach or once an Admin has assigned them to a team.

Step 1

Log into your Coach account, and locate the team you wish to message by scrolling down to My Staff Assignments and click on the Team Name.



Step 2

Click on Messages in the left sidebar.


Step 3

Click on the Create New Message box in the lower right corner.

Step 4

A window will pop-up, compose your message and press CREATE.

Your message will email to all of your team members AND post to the Team Messaging Wall. 

You’re all set! 

Please note, if  team member or player replies to directly to the Team Message through email, this message will post to the Team Wall

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