Sitewide Calendar

There are two different calendars that can be utilized within the LeagueApps platform: A site-wide calendar and program schedules. This page will focus on the site-wide calendar.

For help managing and creating program schedule, click here.

Site Level Calendar Overview

In addition to creating a Program Calendar for a specific program, you can manage and display a Site Level calendar. This global calendar can automatically pull in events from each program level calendar. The Site Level calendar can be accessed from the admin console by going to Manage and selecting Calendar.

⚠️ The site-wide calendar can not display games.


On the public site, the calendar is accessible via The Site Level Calendar shows all site wide events and program level events.

When viewing the detail of the program event, the Site Level Calendar indicates which program the event belongs to. There is also a filter that allows participants to view events for one specific program at a time.


Adding to the Site-Wide Calendar

  • Go to Manage, then click Calendar
  • On the right-hand site, click New Event
  • Fill out the event card and click Add Event when complete
    • Events without a program selected will be considered site-wide events. These events are considered general information and will not appear on members' personal calendars, program calendars, our mobile apps nor will reminders be sent.
    • Events without a team selected will be considered program-wide event all will apply to resistants within the program.

Editing from the Site-Wide Calendar

  • Go to Manage, then click Calendar
  • Find the event you want to edit on the calendar and click it.
  • Make the necessary updates then save your changes.
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