Next-Gen Tournament Beta

LeagueApps' transformed tournament setup, registration and payments experience is currently available in beta for a select group of partners! This beta experience features a modern design and simpler registration and payment process. It also includes a bulk registration wizard, a shopping cart, streamlined checkout, and more.

If you would like to opt in to the beta program, please note the team registration setup and requirements below to ensure this initial beta will be a good fit for your needs, and then reach out to your LeagueApps account team or

We will be launching a fuller tournament experience to all partners in the first half of this year!

⚠️ Only the Club Director role will be able to submit the team(s) registrations and payments for the Tournament. The user that registers teams will be auto-assigned to the “Club Director” Staff Role for the team(s) they are registering. Club Directors will create new teams when registering for Next-Gen tournaments and those teams will become available for subsequent tournament registrations on the same site.


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Tournament Registration Beta Requirements

While in beta, this next-gen experience will be solely focused on team registration only. The following features will not be available in beta, but will be available at full release.

  • Your tournament does not include payment plans.
  • Your tournament does not include discount codes.
  • While you will now be able to set up a Payment Policy on the site level to include in your next-gen tournaments, other site and program level waivers will not be available at this time in the beta.
  • Player and Staff Registration is not currently available in the beta, but will be in the full release.
  • No Governing Body integrations (USA Lacrosse, USA Hockey, etc.) will be available in the registration flow.
  • Your organization needs to be using LeagueApps Gateway.
  • ACH Payments and Credit Card Payments required (ACH Payments can not be turned off in the beta)

If you have questions about any of the above requirements, or would like to have the Next-Gen tournaments turned on for your organization, please reach out to


Creating a Next-Gen Tournament

If your organization has been added to the beta, you will be able to see the Next-Gen tournament option on the Create a New Tournament page. 

⚠️ While you will still be able to create a Classic tournament or a Next-Gen tournament, you will not be able to convert a Classic tournament into a Next-Gen tournament, or vice versa, once the chosen tournament setup has already been created and saved.

If you’ve set up a Classic tournament before, the Next-Gen tournament setup should feel very familiar to you.

Fill in all of the required and desired fields and then click the Create tournament button at the bottom of the screen.

Creating Sub-Programs

Creating sub-programs for a Next-Gen tournament is also a very similar experience as creating sub-programs for a Classic tournament. On your tournament details page, click the Create Sub-Program button to get started.

Once you've filled in all of the required and desired fields for each of your sub-programs, and click the Create Sub-Program button at the bottom of the setup screen, your-program(s) will be listed on your tournament details page.


Sub-Program Registration Options

If you click the Registration Options link listed on a sub-program in the tournament details page, you will navigate to a newly designed Registration Options page.

  • Payments: Add the price per team. If you have site-level transaction fees set up, these will be automatically turned on—you can see and edit this if you are an Org Account Owner role. The beta does not include the ability to override transaction fees for Next-Gen programs. Only the site-level transaction fee setting will apply to these programs.
  • Capacity: Add the minimum and maximum number of teams allowed.
  • Age limit: Add the maximum age for participants.
  • Notification recipients: Add any recipients who should be notified when checkout is complete.
  • Confirmation message: Add the subject line and email message that should be sent to a registrant when a successful registration is made. Please note that Registrants will also receive Invoice Receipt Emails as they do today, which include the amount paid and information about the program registered for.

New Site-Level Payment Policies

As part of our Next-Gen Registration platform, we are introducing Site-Level Payment Waivers or Payment Policies. These can be setup one time at the site level, and will automatically display for the registrant during checkout for any Next-Gen program (currently available for Tournaments). 

To set up your site-level payment policy that will apply to your Next-Gen tournament programs (as well as any other next-gen program types in the future), navigate to Settings in the top navigation menu, and select Registration Settings.

Click the Waivers tab at the top of the page, and then view and populate the Payment Waiver section at the bottom of that tab’s page. This Payment Policy will only apply to Next-Gen programs.

Once your Payment Waiver is added, this is how it will appear in all of your Next-Gen programs. Once completed, the Payment Policy will show up in an "accepted" status and be downloadable from the LeagueApps Management Console.

⚠️ The Main Waiver and Additional Waivers on the Waivers tab do not currently apply nor appear in the beta for Next-Gen programs. Stay tuned!


Member Registration Experience

The entire registration experience has been transformed for Next-Gen Tournaments.These Next-Gen Tournaments are listed alongside your other tournaments in the member portal and tournament listings page. 

When the team registrant (i.e. the Club Director role for the team) registers for your Next-Gen tournament, they will see this improved tournament details page. This is optimized across all channels and surfaces including mobile devices, tablet and desktop.

Once they click the Register now button, they will be taken to the brand new team registration experience. They will see a list of all divisions, and have the option to add their teams. Once they create a new team, this team will be automatically made available for their next-gen tournament registrations going forward.

If they click on the + Create new team option, they will be taken to this simple team registration form. If they scroll down in this form. Once they have all of the information fill in, they can click the Create team button to save the team.

Once the team(s) are created, you can add to the cart checkout by clicking Save division. If you see the word “draft” next to your team, this means that the team is in "draft status" and you are still able to edit it by clicking the pencil button to the right. The team will be finalized once a registration and payment for this team is completed.

Multiple divisions with their teams are able to be registered and added to the cart checkout.

Once they have added all of their desired divisions and teams, they can click the Add to cart button to be taken to the Cart Summary page where they can review the details and pricing of the registrations in progress. They can also move forward to checkout.

The improved Checkout page allows the registrant to view all of the summary, details, payment terms, payment method, and payment policy before they pay and register. 

They can Add bank account or Add card to pay their fee and register their team(s):

Add a bank account


Add a card

Once completed, the Payment Waiver will show up in an "accepted" status and be downloadable from the LeagueApps Management Console. Click to see how to add your Payment Waiver, detailed above.

Upcoming Next-Gen Features

These features will be coming in the next couple months:

  • Player and Staff/Team Rep registration: including the ability to collect custom form fields and additional waivers for Staff and Players registering
  • Roster management: Managing Team invites and Roster Status for Players and Staff
  • Public payment plans: A refresh on LeagueApps payment plans—making setup and management simpler—pay in 1, 2, or 3 installments for Tournaments

These Next-Gen tournament features will be coming in the first half of this year:

  • Private payment plans
  • Early and late fees
  • Team waitlist
  • Additional enhancements to Roster management


Can I move between a classic and a next-gen tournament?

While you will still be able to create a Classic tournament or a Next-Gen tournament, you will not be able to convert a Classic tournament into a Next-Gen tournament, or vice versa, once the chosen tournament setup has already been created and saved.

Why don’t I see payment plans or discount codes?

During the beta period, payment plans and discount codes will not be supported. Please see the Upcoming Next-Gen Features section above to see what additional features are coming soon.

Am I able to add, move, or copy teams that are created in a next-gen tournament to other program types?

During the beta period, adding, moving, and copying NG Tournament teams to other programs (and vice versa) will not be supported.

Am I able to add, promote, or remove staff in a next-gen tournament?

Adding, Promoting, and Removing Staff will not be supported for beta. Please note that the only staff role will be the Club Director that registers and pays for the team.

Why can’t I copy the next-gen tournament program?

The ability to copy next-gen tournament programs is not available in beta.

Will my staff be able to add and invite players to teams in the member portal?

No, the Member Portal dashboard link for Staff to add and invite players will not be available in beta, as well as the ability to edit registrations. 

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