Health Checks Guide for Parents & Players

If Health Checks are enabled for your program, you can complete a brief self-evaluation of the current state of your player's health 6 hours prior to a scheduled practice, game, or event to ensure a safe and healthy playing environment.

Health Check Notification

For any Program with Health Checks enabled, participants will receive a notification email to complete the Health Check, it will be sent to you 6 hours prior to the scheduled game, practice, or event.

Click the Complete Health Check button in the notification email to get to the Health Check form.


Health Check on Event Details Page

You will also be able to access the Health Check for each event on that event's details page.

It is indicated by the icon. Click the heart icon to get to the Health Check form.


⚠️ Health Checks are not currently available in the mobile apps, though we are actively working on this functionality. Stay tuned!

Health Check Form

Step 1

The brief 4-question Health Check form includes self-evaluation questions recommended by the CDC.



Step 2

After submitting the Health Check form, you will be immediately notified if you passed or failed the Health Check.

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Health Check Review

On the event details page, you will be able to view if you passed, failed, or haven't taken the Health Check right next to your name.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete Health Checks for members of my family who are attending the game?

Currently, these Health Checks are not publicly accessible. You must be registered to the program's team as a Staff or Participant to fill out the Health Check form.

Can I edit my Health Check form after it has been submitted?

No, neither you nor anyone in the organization can edit a Health Check response once submitted.

What if I'm running late to the practice and haven't completed the Health Check yet?

While you are encouraged to complete the Health Check before you arrive at a game or practice, you will be able to still complete the Health Check form even if you arrive late.

Why can't I access the Health Check for tomorrow's game?

Health Checks only become available 6 hours prior to the event for you to complete. 

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