LeagueApps Login: Need to Know for Members

To enhance your security and make your LeagueApps login experience more seamless, we are making a few changes effective on February 4, 2021. 

Please read below for a summary of what to expect.

  • When you log into your program site for the first time on February 4, 2021 or after, you will be logged out and required to sign back in. 

  • If you forget your password, your program administrator will no longer be able to change it on your behalf. You will be required to change it yourself by clicking the Forgot password? on the login screen. For more details on password resets, click here.
  • If you try to change the email address associated with your account, you will need to verify that you own the email address before doing so. You’ll do this by clicking a link sent to that address. You can change your email address by visiting the Account Settings area of your member profile.

  • If you are already logged in and looking to change your password, you can generate a password reset email by visiting the Account Settings area of your member profile.

  • You will no longer be able to log into LeagueApps with Facebook, but you can still login in with your existing account by resetting your password. After clicking Forgot password? on the login page, enter the email that is associated with your Facebook account to recover your password.

  • You will no longer be able to use “Simple Signup” when creating an account. Instead, you will need to enter a username and password at the time of account creation.

  • You will now see a “Powered by LeagueApps” bar on the bottom of your account creation or login modal. By creating an account and logging in, your data will be protected by LeagueApps’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. LeagueApps does not own this data.
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