Managing Payment Invoices

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2018 06:30PM EST
If you plan on collecting online payments through LeagueApps, you can manage the payment invoices of all your site members. Managing invoices is useful if you want to modify the balance owed by a member, issue refunds, and take action of those who still owe fees. Check out our blog post to learn more about how to optimize payment collection.

Payment Reminders
Convert to Payment Plan

Getting Started

NOTE: You can process in person or over the phone payments directly from your LeagueApps admin console using the Admin Payment Terminal.
Manage the invoices in your LeagueApps Manager Console under Reports on the main icon navigation bar. Or go to "Manage > Financial > Invoices"

Narrow down your list of invoices by:
  • Invoice Type (Program, Product or Member)
  • Desired date range
  • Filter by Registration Status, Deadline Status, Sport, Season, Program, Member Name
  • Sort by Date Created, Amount Billed, Status, Outstanding Balance, and more

Payment Reminders

Invoice reminders can be sent in the following ways:

1. By Individual

  • Any single invoice row will have a Send Reminder button (under Deadline column). Write an optional message and send.

2. By Filtered Group

  • Filter to a desired set of invoices, then Send Payment Reminders to All in the filtered set (above Invoiced column).

3. By Program

  • In the top right of your program dashboard ("Manage > Select program"), click Overdue Invoices button. This will load an invoices report that shows the due/overdue invoices of that particular program.

4. Automatic Reminders


Unpaid Invoices

Click on pencil icon next to an unpaid member and manage invoice in one of the three ways:

1. Change Amount Billed

Raise or lower the amount a member is billed by entering the dollar amount (TIP: Enter a negative number to lower the amount).
  • Add Notes to provide an explanation for your records.

2. Add Offline Payment 

If a member pays offline, update to reflect an offline payment by entering the dollar amount that was paid.
  • Select Offline Payment Types: Cash, Check, Other  

  • To edit or delete a recorded Offline Payment, find the invoice and click the X next to the offline payment amount.

3. Void Invoice

Voiding an invoice will result in a full refund for all online payments, and will exclude the invoice from payment summaries.
  • Add Notes

* Refunds can only be issued for paid or partially paid invoices, NOT unpaid participants.
CAUTION: Voiding an invoice will automatically refund any associated electronic payments, and the invoices will be excluded from payment summaries. The amount of money to be refunded is zero.


Manage invoice for a paid member the same way you would an unpaid member, EXCEPT:
  1. There is no Offline Payment Option
  2. Instead, you have the option to Issue Refunds.


Partially Paid Invoices

Manage Invoices for Partial Players in one of four ways:
  1. Change Amount Billed
  2. Issue Refund
  3. Add Offline Payment
  4. Void Invoice
CAUTION: If an offline payment is recorded - be sure to reimburse this member off-line if the amount due is sufficiently lowered.
You can access the payment invoices of a specific program, found here: "Manage > Select program > Invoices"

Convert to Payment Plan

Unpaid invoices may be converted from a normal invoice to a payment plan. In order to convert an invoice to a payment plan:
  • The invoice must be fully unpaid. A partially paid invoice cannot be converted.
  • There must be payment plans created for the program the invoice is associated with.

To convert a normal invoice to payment plan:

1. Click Convert to Payment Plan at the top of the invoice

2. Select the payment plan you want to convert the invoice to, then click Yes, Convert it

3. All done! The invoice is now converted, and a note has been auto-generated to mark the conversion

NOTICE: Click here to see this short instructional video on how to use the admin payment terminal on your LeagueApps account.

If you have questions regarding Classes, or need Session-based programs turned on for your site, feel free to use our help lines:
- Email:
- Phone:  1-888-208-0210
- Live Chat (if available)

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