Custom Registration Form Fields

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2016 11:59AM EDT
Each player must fill out an online registration form to join a program.  LeagueApps allows you to customize the online registration forms you collect from your players.

Default Registration Fields

Default registration fields are fields that will apply to all programs you create. This is a great place to ask players a question that you want them to answer every time they register for a program such as jersey size. For questions that the answer never or rarely changes for use member profile fields instead. Member profile fields will show up when your members create their account on your site and only be asked once. To understand more about member profile fields check out this article.

Now that we've cleared that up let's go over a step by step of how to create a new registration field!

Note: If you change your default settings, it will only affect new programs. Programs that have already been created will have to be updated manually.

1) To find your default registration settings log in your LeagueApps admin dash board and click Settings > Registration Settings > Form Fields.

You can click on the Form Fields tab found a the top of your page and then "Add a Form Field" to write out your question.

3) Input form field information
  • Name of the form field
  • Type of form field- Single Text Field (Good for one word answers such as yes or no questions), Paragraph Text (Good for questions that may need a bit more explanation such as medical conditions), and drop down list (good for things where there are multiple options such as jersey size). For drop down list you'll add in the options after you save the form field.
  • Set whether the form field is required or optional
  • Chose whether the form field always applies, only applies for adults, or only applies for children
  • Make sure to click add property when done

Edit existing form fields in the following ways:
  • Switch the Order of a field by changing its number in the order column. Click Update Order button to apply changes.
  • Edit or Delete items. This applies only to fields that have a drop down list. Save any changes made.
  • Click the pencil icon under Actions column to change the label of a field. (You can also change the field from Required/Optional). Click Update when finished.

Program-Specific Registration Fields

You can also edit form fields for specific programs. This allows you to edit programs you created before you changed your default registration form fields or if you have certain programs that need different form fields than the ones you've specified in the default registration settings.

How to edit form fields of a program:

  1. Click Manage > All Programs in your LeagueApps admin dash board
  2. Find the program and click "Edit Details"
  3. Click Settings > Form Fields
Follow the steps in the previous section to create additional form fields & edit existing form fields
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