How To Create and Edit A Program

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 01:46PM EST

One of the many great things about the LeagueApps platform is that Leagueapps programs can be easily customized! These settings can be adjusted right from your administrator dash board. To see how to customize your program settings follow these steps:

1) First, select a type of program to create in the Manage tab in your admin console. There are five types of programs you can create:
    1) Leagues
    2) Tournaments,
    3) Camps
    4) Events
    5) Club Teams

Click here for more on Creating and Copying Programs.

When you first create the program, you will plug in all of your program's details.  Note: You can edit program details at any time. These details comprise the key information for the program, and are displayed on the program's homepage and registration pages.   

NOTE - if you offer Youth and Adult programs, you will need to specify either Adult or Youth/Family Accounts under the League Type section.

2) Select Sport, Season, Skill Level, Gender, Visibility  (Select private/public to determine if the league will be visible on your site.  You can switch this setting at anytime so you may want to set it as private until you are ready to publish on your site.  OR you can keep it private if your program is invite-only and should be hidden from the public.)

3) Enter an original Program Name, or click Suggest Name to create a generic name based on the fields you have already entered.

4) Enter a Sponsor.  This is an optional field.

5) Select Season Start Date.  Check the box to Show Start Date or leave start date hidden.  Check the box Start date is tentative if you have not decided on a definite start date.

6) Select End Date.  Check the box to Show End Date or leave end date hidden.

7 )Select Registration Start and End Dates.  Leave dates blank if you are unsure of your registration dates.

8) Select a Registration Status to notify your players about important registration information  (i.e. Opens Soon, Open, Sold Out etc.).

9) Set your Program State:  

  • Unpublished- if you do not want your league to be visible to the public.  (This serves the same function as the private Visibility setting.)
  • Upcoming- if your league has not yet started.  (Set to default when you create your league.)
  • Live- if your league is currently taking place.
  • Completed- if your program has finished.  (Program state will not switch to completed state if (a) there is no end date, and (b) if there are still games in the schedule that are upcoming or recent.)

10) Select which day(s) This Program Plays On.  (This will not affect your schedule, it is simply used for the program details section.)

11) Select a time slot.

12) Enter a location. This is optional but recommended so that your registrants can find you on Google maps.

13) Enter program Format (ex. 7 on 7 flag football)

14) Enter description in the page editor. This is an optional step.

15) Create Program or Save And Edit Options

NOTICE: Registration opens at 3:15am EST on the registration start date. In order for registration to start, the program state must be "Upcoming"- any "Completed" or "Unpublished" programs will not have their registrations go live.  Additionally, registration closes at 12:01am EST the day AFTER the registration end date.

To learn how to copy and delete programs click here!



You can control various preferences for each specific program. These preferences allow you to tailor which features are used/displayed and a few label settings.  Find this section for each program in the program's context menu under: "Settings > Preferences". They are explained below:

Include Facebook Like Button: Check box to include Facebook like button on your program page.

Include Twitter Tweet Button: Check box to include Tweet button on your program page.

Use Schedule: You can choose whether or not your program will have a schedule. You can also decide if you want your schedule to be visible to Everyone, Program Participants Only, or Logged-In Members Only.

Use Standings: Similarly, you can choose if your program should have standings, and decide who can view your standings. 

Game Reminders: Choose to send email notifications to registered players up to 5 days before the next game's start date

Show Attendee List: Decide whether or not to publically display a listing of your program participants (and teams) to future registrants.

Divisions: Choose to enable divisions in the program (learn more about setting up divisions here)

​Customize labels: Free Agent, Team, Captain, Processing Fee, Additional Team Fee and Division. These labels are shown on the registration page.
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