Sending & Tracking Bulk Messages

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 12:48PM EST
LeagueApps provides a powerful tool for messaging your members.  You can send bulk emails to desired subsets of your memberbase, and track these sent emails.  This tool is located in the Manager Console under the "Messaging" tab.  The key features of this tool are discussed next.

Compose Message

Under the compose message section, you can prepare a bulk email, as follows:

1. Filter by Site Members: Choose if you'd like to send a message to all, or a large set, of your site members, or to your email list. 
  • All Site Members: Both Male and Female, Only Male Participants, Only Female Participants
  • All Email Contacts: Includes all site members who do not un-subscribe from your mailing list (listed here: "Messaging > Email Contacts")

2. Filter by Programs and Games
  • Send to the following program states: Upcoming, Live, Completed, Completed, and/or Unpublished
  • Exclude upcoming and live programs: great for targeting past members who are not registered now
  • By Games: search by one day or multiple days, as well as by times
  • By Roles, Status, and Payment Status: Both Male and Female, Only Male Participants, Only Female Participants
  • Send to the following roles: Team Captain, Team Player, Free Agent, Staff Roles (e.g. Coach)
  • With status of Spot Reserved, Spot Pending, Waiting List
  • And participants who: Are not invoiced, *Still owe fees, Have fully paid
  • And who have: Any waiver status, Waiver accepted, Waiver not accepted
*For registrants that still owe fees you can filter by their outstanding balances within a specified range. For example: filter by registrants who still owe fees between $100 and $200.

3. Send to Admins Only
  • Choose if you want to contact all, or some, of your other site administrator.
4. Send as Opt-Out Newsletter
  • Choose to send this message as a "marketing/promotional" message or not.  This is recommended, as it includes a CAN-SPAM standard opt-out / unsubscribe link when you select this option.
5. Also send me a copy

6. Optionally edit the "From Name" that will appear in the recipient's mail client.

7. Provide a message subject.

8. Enter a message body, either using the simple editor or by editing HTML directly.

9. Choose whether you want to include the default email footer or not (see Customizing Email Settings).

10. Send a test message if desired (recommended).

11. Send the message, by clicking the "Send" button.

Sent Messages

Once a message has been sent, you can track it's progress in the Sent Messages section of the Messaging tool.  For each sent message, this provides the following information/features:

  • Subject   
  • Sender   
  • Date Sent   
  • Completed Date    
  • Status   
  • Total Recipients   
  • Emails Sent   
  • Copy feature - Allows you to "copy" an email content and subject to be re-used in a new message composition.
Email Contacts

The email contacts section allows you to store email addresses that you can message using the tool.  This is useful if you have a mailing list of email addresses who are not members of your site. Click here to learn how to Import your Existing Member Database)

Export to Email List

You can now filter your email contacts list and export the list into csv file. Once exported, the file can be imported into an external email marketing tool like MailChimp. Click here to learn more about how to Export an Email List
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