QuickCollect - Creating a Member Invoice

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017 05:26PM EDT
QuickCollect allows you to create a Member Invoice that is not attached to a Program Registration, instead the invoice is only attached to the Member. Common uses for Member Invoices are Travel Fees, Uniform Fees, dues, and many other non-program related expenses.

How to Create a Member Invoice

1) Admin Console > Manage > Members 

2) Click on the Member's name that you want to Invoice

3) In the left side-bar of the Member's Detail page, click the 'New Invoice' button

4) Enter the invoice Amount, a note about what the Invoice is for, for your records and for the Member to see. There is an optional Processing Fee and choice to Send the Member an Email Notification about the Invoice. 

5) Click 'Generate Member Invoice'


How to View a Member Invoice

1) Admin Console > Manage > Invoices 

2) Filter Invoice Type to 'Member'

3) From this listing you can send Email Reminders, Export a list of Member Invoices to CSV, view details of each Invoice and add Offline Payments. 


What does a Member Invoice look like to a User?

Optional notification Email about the new invoice.

On the Member's Dashboard under the 'Invoices' tab, there will be a listing of Member and Registration Invoices. The Member has the option to View Invoice Details and Pay single invoices or multiple invoices at once. 

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