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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 04:02PM EST
Organizers want to make roster management as easy as possible for their members. This article shows you how your site's Program Staff and/or Captains can easily bulk copy or bulk invite their new team’s roster from a previous team’s roster.

View Team With Empty Roster

View the team you're looking to populate by first going to your dashboard after logging in.

Then click on your team's name from your dashboard:

From your team's page, click on the "Roster" tab:

From the top of the roster page you'll see a 'Copy' button - click on that.

Choose the Team and Players to Copy or Invite

From the copy page you'll be able to do a few things to bulk populate your team's roster:
  • Choose a previous team you'd like to bulk copy or bulk invite from
    • NOTE: you can bulk copy or bulk invite from more than one previous team but you must select the players one team at a time
  • Choose the players you'd like to bulk copy or bulk invite
    • You can "Select All" or choose specific players
  • Choose to bulk copy or bulk invite
    • If you bulk copy you'll have the option to:
      • Send the copied players a registration confirmation email
        • NOTE: if the program requires players to accept a waiver your copied players will need to log in and accept the waiver of the new program
      • Copy matched registration field values
        • This means that any form fields which were entered for the player for the previous team will be copied over if those same forms fields exist in the program you're copying your players to
    • If you bulk invite you'll have the option to:
      • Customize the subject line of the invite
      • Add a custom message to the invite
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