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Copy and Move Players/Teams

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016 10:32AM EDT
Copy and Move are two similar but different functions.  This article outlines the difference and when to use each for both players and teams. 

Copy will leave the existing record in place and create a new one in your new program of choice.  The copy function works for both players and teams.

Copying Player

When copying a player, you are basically creating a brand new registration for them in a new program. A new invoice will be created for the player, and they will be charged the full fee of the new program.  Any custom registration form fields for that player will not be transferred and will have to be answered by the player upon login or by the admin after they perform the copy.

You should copy a player when you want to sign them up for a new program and leave their existing registration record in place.  For example if you have a tryout program, and once the player makes the team, you can use the copy player to place them in the new program.

Copying Team

Copy will recreate the team in a new program while leaving the old team and players in the original program.  When you copy a team you will able to update the team name, and select which players on that team should be copied along with them team into the new program.  The new programs pricing rules will apply to the team and the players. 

You should copy a team when the a team played in a previous season, and is playing again in the next or following season. 


Move will remove the existing record and place it into the new program. The move function is available for both players and teams. Note: The move feature should be used rarely, as it deletes data and removes records.  

Move Player

After moving a player to a new program, they will no longer be a player in the original program.  If there is a price difference between the programs an automatic adjustment will occur.  If the new program is more expensive, the outstanding balance will increase and the player will get a notification that a payment is due. If the new program is less expensive, the player will automatically get a refund for the difference in price.

Move player should be used if a player signed up for the wrong program or needs to switch to another program and you want to remove them from the original program they were in.

Move Team

Moving a team, will remove the team and all of it's players from the original program.  And place them all in the new program. Moving a team will leave the players existing invoices and amount in place and not change the amount due. 
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